Jun 5, 2016

    Version 5.3 Released


    1. Allow the users to define their own sort order and list of TM1 instances in Pulse.
    2. Filter the change tracking history by TM1 object type.
    3. Exclude idle threads based on the number of seconds since active.
    4. Add the Context column to the Session table.
    5. Add Running and Waiting fields to the Operation Log table to help diagnose the source of locking.
    6. Support TM1 mode 3 Windows Authentication.
    7. Backup the server.xml when installing Pulse.
    8. Set the install path in the installer to be the existing location of Pulse.
    9. Add the ability to Save All on the Instance Settings page.
    10. Add the pulse logs to the About page so they can be accessed remotely.
    11. Add browser settings to the About page.
    12. Enable sorting of instance state on the main dashboard page.
    13. Add a dialog when a chore is clicked on the gantt chart to display the details of the processes that were executed as part of the chore.
    14. Add searching of chore files.
    15. Add the option to exclude (default) or include feeder files in an offline migration package.
    16. Enable the monitoring of TM1 instances running on a Linux server.


    1. Optimise the storage of historical objects to reduce the memory footprint of Pulse.
    2. Fix memory leak caused by a large tm1server.log being processed.
    3. Share scheduled jobs for relationship management and search indexing.
    4. Cache the relationship information for rules and processes so it is only parsed after the object has been updated.
    5. Create a single scheduled job for change tracking so it is processed sequentially.
    6. Update cube statistics separately to reduce the delay in changes being updated in source control.
    7. Optimise the generation of Pulse dump files.
    8. Retrieve the history of changes from the Pulse database instead of GIT to improve query performance.
    9. Compress all HTTP requests to Pulse to improve performance in low bandwidth scenarios.
    10. Only issue new HTTP requests once the previous one has completed to stop queuing of requests.
    11. Pause the Change and Relationship jobs when the documentation is running.
    12. Include the the “End Date” day in report results.
    13. Check all of the selected options when selecting a saved report on the Flow Diagram page.
    14. Optimise the gantt chart to work with chores that a frequently executed.
    15. Fix validation rules that do not have an assigned category.
    16. Add the Av. Run time and Last Run time columns when exporting the Process/Chore List report.
    17. Ignore .blob files that reference missing }Externals files.
    18. Ignore private applications entries.
    19. Allow execution of Pulse’s “}src*” processes through the TM1 Java API.
    20. Fix chore execution time calculation if the chore contains a process with the same name as the chore.
    21. Zip the chore/process history files in the history directory to reduce size.
    22. Fix the searching of views and subsets. They must be stored in change tracking for them to be searched (off by default).
    23. Fix sorting by date/time on reports.
    24. Fix migration execution order to always insert attributes before their values are update.

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