Dec 4, 2015

Version 5.2 Released


  1. Offline Migration (cold promote): This new feature creates a package that includes native TM1 objects such as dims, cubs, pros, vues, subs, etc that can then be copied into a data directory. Pulse will include all of the relevant files for an object and its dependencies.
  2. Merge Migration Packages: Packages can now be merged to allow multiple “developer” packages to be combined as a changeset for operations team. If a package has been executed you cannot merge into it, create a blank package instead and use that to combine packages.
  3. Cancel Threads: Automatically cancel a thread if the time is exceeded and the Function matches the filter.
  4. Ignore Chore Threads: Alerts can be ignored if the thread is being executed by a chore. 
  5. Ignore tm1runti Threads: Alerts can be ignored if the thread is being executed by tm1runti.exe.
  6. Add Custom Prefix to Alert Subject: Add a custom prefix to subject line in alerts to allow integration with ticket systems. 
  7. Customise Alert Content: Allow the customisation of the alert email body using built in templates.
  8. Track Service Start / Stop Requests: Log each request to start / stop services and add report.


  1. TM1 Web: Fix TM1 Web logging in Internet Explorer.
  2. Element Order: Insert dimension elements in the correct location using the Insert Before option during migration. 
  3. Migration of Non ASCII Object Names: Set the import TI process to use UTF-8 to allow names with non ascii names to be added correctly.
  4. CPU Calculation: Fix multi-threaded CPU calculation for tm1sd.exe processes.

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