Jul 0, 2014

Version 4 Released

Version 4 of Pulse has been released. Many features have been added to make Pulse standalone as the premium enterprise management tool for TM1. The new features include:

  • Automated source/version control
  • Migration tools to move TM1 changes between servers
  • Enhanced relationship diagrams including external data sources

Automated Source/Version Control

  • Record the history of all model changes 
  • Changes recorded by user and time
  • View any prior version 
  • View differences to previous versions
  • View developer metrics: number of changes, lines of code, etc
  • Documentation is updated automatically
  • Easily identify what has been changed

Enterprise Migration

  • Move cubes, dimensions, rules, process and chores
  • Add multiple changes to a migration package
  • Easily identify changes from source control
  • Compare changes to target server for incremental updates
  • Migration Packages are repeatable 
  • Packages can be applied to multiple servers
  • View history of who has applied changes
  • Non-TM1 developers can apply complicated changes

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