Jan 2, 2022

Using the Pulse Explorer

The Pulse Explorer is the best Pulse feature to troubleshoot issues that happened in the past.

Accessing the Pulse Explorer

To access the Pulse Explorer, just click the link under Reports. The button will only be available for Pulse Admins:


On the left side, you can navigate through the features (Discover, Visualization, Dashboard and Console).

Pulse 6 comes with many default dashboards, let’s open the Active threads. There are three main sections:

  • Period where you can select the time you want to look at (by default the last 15 min)
  • Filters where you can filtering all visualizations by entering a value or click the + Add Filter button to add a filter using a pop-up
  • Visualizations: One dashboard includes many visualizations

Date picker

The date picker is very flexible in terms of the type of period you can choose from, you can easily switch from minutes ago to hours ago:


To filter a dashboard you can either enter a value and the Pulse Explorer will only show the records where it finds this value or using the + Add filter button, select a field, an operator and a value. Both will achieve the same outcome:


To edit a dashboard, just click the Edit button on the top left corner:

Then you will be able to move or resize each visualization by dragging the arrow in the bottom right corner:

To edit a visualization, just click the gear icon in the top right corner and then click Edit visualization:

It will open the Visualization feature where you can update the visualization (change the metric, split group, change the format…):

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