Jul 2, 2018

Using the Canvas cube viewer

Canvas v3.0.1 introduces a new cube viewer to explore your cubes. The new cube viewer supports both native and MDX views.

Native view vs MDX view

A native view is the name of the standard view you have been using in TM1 for many years. These views do not support the new multiple hierarchies and are essentially deprecated. Canvas supports reading native views but you cannot save a native view unless all dimensions are using a subset. This also applies to dimensions involving default hierarchies only. 

MDX views were added to TM1 to support multiple hierarchies where these views contain a single MDX statement. The cube viewer is based on MDX. Each time you drag/drop a hierarchy or select a set of elements, the MDX is updated and executed against the TM1 model.

You can save these MDX views through Canvas. These views can be viewed in the newer TM1 interfaces such as PAX and PAW.

Open an existing cubeview

To add a Cube Viewer into your HTML page, you just need to use the new directive, tm1-ui-cube-viewer:

<tm1-ui-cube-viewer                     tm1-instance="dev"                     tm1-cube="General Ledger"></tm1-ui-cube-viewer>

Refresh your page and you should see the cube view:

Canvas cube viewer options

The Canvas Cube Viewer has lots of options, mainly to turn on/off features:

These options can be set by using the tm1-options parameter of the tm1-ui-cube-viewer directive. Motre information in the Help section of your application <Canvas  Application URL>/#/help.

Default member of a dimension

You do not need to drag and drop all dimensions in the view to be able to see data. You just need at least one dimension on row and one on column. For all other dimensions which are not part of the view definition, Canvas is going to use their default member. To learn how to define a default member for your dimensions, you should look at the following article:

Save/Save as view

If you are using Planning Analytics, saving a view will always create an MDX view. If you are using TM1 10.2 FP5, FP6 or FP7, you will have the option to save as a Native View:

When saving an MDX view, Canvas also saves the “view definition” as part of the view. If the MDX is updated outside of Canvas (or Arc), you will need to update / edit the MDX manually. Clear the MDX statement to revert to the drag/drop interface.

See the MDX

To access the MDX behind the view, just click the MDX button. Note that you cannot override manually the MDX. To update the MDX query, make some changes in the view and then click again to the MDX button to see the changes:

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