Jul 2, 2018

Using Sandbox with Canvas

A sandbox is your personal workspace where you can write data without interferring the base data. Canvas v3.0.1 introduces support to TM1 and Planning Analytics sandbox. All sandbox’s operation are now available in Canvas such as Create, Publish, Discard or Delete:

Values in the sandbox but not published to the base data will be shown in blue:

Using Sandbox in DBR

The tm1-ui-dbr directive supports sandboxes. A new component has been added to the samples application to show you how to use sandboxes:

  • http://<CanvasServerName>:8080/samples/#/sample/component/dbr-sandbox

To use sandbox in dbr, you will need to use the parameter tm1-sandbox and specifies the sandbox name:

<tm1-ui-dbr tm1-instance="dev"             tm1-cube="Product"             tm1-sandbox="{{values.sandbox}}"            tm1-elements="Actual,2011/12,Local,England,{{item.key}},Standard Cost"             tm1-data-decimal="2"></tm1-ui-dbr>

Sandbox comparaison

To compare two sandboxes, you just need to compare two DBRs pointing to two different sandboxes.

Sandbox with $tm1Ui

Sandbox is also supported by the $tm1Ui services such as CellPut, CellGet, CellSetPut and CellSetGet. To use sandbox, you just need to add the sandbox name using the configuration parameter, more information in the Help section <Canvas Application URL>/#/help.

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