Sep 2, 2021

Using IBM ID to login to Pulse

When Pulse is monitoring IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) hosted on the IBM Cloud, starting with Pulse v6.0.3, you can now use your IBM ID to login to Pulse.

First, you will have to request your security keys to IBM.

To enter your security keys, you can either do it through the Pulse Web client or update the Pulse.cfg file.

Configuration page

Once you have your security keys, you can enter them in the Pulse Web client (Administration > Configuration):

Update the Pulse.cfg

To enable IBM ID authentication, you will have stop the Pulse Application service and then update the IBM Cloud section in the Pulse.cfg file as below:

[IBM Cloud] EnableAuthentication = true AccountID = xxx TenantID = xxx ClientID = xxx ClientSecret = xxx WorkspaceURL = xxx AdminEmailAddress =

Finally start the Pulse Application service.

Once Pulse has started, after clicking the Login button in Pulse, the following pop-up will appear. Just click the Login button and then enter your IBM ID:

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