Jun 2, 2021

Upgrading the Pulse Monitor

Where to find the Pulse Monitor version

The Pulse Monitor version number can be found in the Status tab of the Pulse About page as below:

The Pulse Monitor does not have to be upgraded for each Pulse release. You will only need to upgrade the Pulse Monitor if it is specified in the release notes.

Please find in the article below the list of Pulse Monitor versions supported by each Pulse Application server:

Where to find the Pulse Monitor

Once the Pulse Application server will be upgraded by running the installer, you will find the new monitor.exe file in the Pulse for TM1\bin folder.

Another way to find the monitor.exe is to unzip the installation file and you will find the monitor.exe inside the bin folder as below:

Once you have located the monitor.exe, copy this file and paste it into each server where a Pulse Monitor is running.

Upgrading the Pulse Monitor

To upgrade the Pulse Monitor, you could either run the Pulse installer and select only the Pulse Monitor option or you could follow the manual steps below:

  1. Stop the Pulse Monitor service
  2. Replace the monitor.exe file with the new one
  3. Start the Pulse Monitor service

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