Mar 4, 2019

    Upgrading Arc for TM1

    Upgrading Arc for TM1 is very simple as Arc does not require any installation, you will just need to replace your current Arc file with the new one.

    To download the latest version, go to the Arc download page:

    Unzip the folder and you will find the arc.exe file (if you downloaded the Windows version).

    There are two ways of starting Arc, you can either start it as a local prompt by just double clicking on the arc.exe file:

    or starting Arc as a Windows service:

    If Arc is currently running as a Windows service, you will have to stop the service first, replace the arc.exe file and then start the service.

    Just go to the Arc URL, by default it is servername:7070 and you will be able to use the new version of Arc.

    If Arc is just open as a local prompt, just close it, replace the arc.exe file and double click into the new arc.exe file.

    That’s it!

    A new tab will open with the new version of Arc.

    Tips: If you double click on the arc.exe file and nothing shows up, it is likely due to the fact that Arc might already by running as a service or someone else has already started it on your server.

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