Apr 3, 2017

Update admin console password

Each Canvas application has its own admin console. You can access the admin console via the following URL:

  • http://<server name>:<Canvas port number>/<application name>/admin

For example to access the admin section of the samples application, the URL is:

  • http://localhost:8080/samples/admin

You will be prompted with the following login window:

The default login is:

  • Username: Admin
  • Password: canvas

Update the password:

You can update the admin console password in the settings page:

  • http://<server name>:<Canvas port number>/<Application name>/admin#/setting
  • For the samples application: http://localhost:8080/samples/admin#/setting 

Reset the password:

The password is encrypted and can be found in CWAS/webapps/<application name>/WEB-INF/config/security.json:

If you are unable to login:

To reset the password, set the password value to blank in the security.json file:

After updating the security.json file, you do not need to restart the Cubewise Application Server.

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