Mar 2, 2024

Troubleshooting Slice

Slice add-in for Excel connects users to Planning Analytics allowing the users to build dynamic reports connected to TM1 cubes. While it introduces advanced analytical functions, users may encounter challenges.

Effective troubleshooting ensures Slice’s smooth operation, allowing for comprehensive utilization of its features for insightful data analysis. Below you will find some of the known issues and steps to resolve them.

Slice and other TM1 add-ins

When utilizing Planning Analytics add-ins within Excel, it is crucial to be aware that only a single add-in can be active at any given moment. Enabling multiple add-ins concurrently can result in formula conflicts and unforeseen behaviour. Therefore, when loading Slice, it is important to ensure that other add-ins, such as Perspectives or Planning Analytics for Excel (PAfE), are disabled to maintain seamless functionality.

Personal.xlsb file in XLSTART directory

The Personal.xlsb file in Windows is a hidden Excel workbook that opens automatically whenever you start Microsoft Excel. This file is typically used to store macros, custom functions, and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code that you want to be available whenever Excel is running. VBA code contained within the file may lead to crashes or unexpected errors in Slice. It’s crucial to either scrutinize the script within the file or remove it from the XLSTART directory to prevent these issues.

Personal.xlsb can be found in %appdata%/Microsoft/Excel/XLSTART

Unable to Show Server Explorer

If users click on Server Explorer immediately after loading the Slice add-in, they might see an error message stating, “Unable to show Server Explorer.” This problem typically arises when antivirus software prevents the EO browser, which Slice relies on, from being launched by Excel. To fix this issue, adding the Slice directory to your antivirus software’s list of exceptions is necessary.

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