Nov 4, 2023

Transitioning from TM1 Perspectives to Slice

Moving away from Perspectives is necessary to leverage the latest features of IBM Planning Analytics such as Hierarchies.

For some companies, this is a significant change due to the familiarity and ease of use that their end users have with the good old TM1 Perspectives.

Cubewise Slice is a great alternative to TM1 Perspectives, offering enhanced functionality and performance with a very similar user experience.

All Excel reports built with Perspectives will work in Slice. The only work that needs to be done is to convert the buttons, and Slice includes a feature to do it for you.

Here we give you a 6-step list for you to consider shall you decide to make the move. We also provide you with digital documentation to assist you in a transition from TM1 Perspectives to Slice.

Step 1: Assessment and Planning

Even though IBM has not announced the official end of support date for TM1 Perspectives. We all know that Perspectives will go very soon. Now is an excellent time to start considering and testing your options.

It is fine if you have Perspectives installed. Nevertheless, it needs to be disabled so you can enable/load Slice. If your TM1 Perspectives loads automatically as an Add-in, all you need to do is to disable it and restart Excel.

You can easily switch between Perspectives and Slice by enabling/disabling the add-in you want to use. Only one should be enabled at a time.

Step 2: Downloading Slice

Slice is available to download on the Cubewise CODE website:

Prerequisite: TM1 v11+, TM1 versions 10.2.2 or earlier are not supported.

Slice can be installed on each user’s computer. Alternatively, it can be centralized to an Arc server as well. You can easily get started with Slice by following the instructions:

Step 3: Installation and Configuration

Once you have downloaded Slice, an installer will take you through a couple of steps to run the installation:

Configure Slice to connect to your TM1 models, If Slice is installed on the TM1 Adminhost server then it will detect automatically all TM1 instances. Click the link below to go through Slice settings:

Step 4: Validation

Pick a handful of Perspectives reports so you can test compatibility and amount of rework required if anything. Remember that action buttons in your Perspectives reports need to be converted:

Step 5: Training and Documentation

Train yourself as well as you team on how to use Slice effectively. Slice is full of hidden gems to make your life eaiser. You can download the Slice Hands-On manual to know most of its features around the Cube Viewer, Subset Editor, Working with Slice in Excel and Leveraging Hierarchies:

Step 6: Support and Maintenance

Slice is constantly improved and all updates are very easy to install in a matter of minutes. Monitor performance and address any issues or enhancement requests in our support portal:


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