Oct 2, 2022

TM1py v1.10 is now available

Since its first release in 2016, TM1py has now established itself as the most popular scripting framework for IBM Planning Analytics (TM1). Most things that you can’t do out of the box with TM1 you can do easily with Python and TM1py. TM1py makes TM1 works like a charm with Python.

Over the years TM1py has become mature and robust and is now used in many TM1 applications all around the world. Version 1.10 takes TM1py another step further by adding additional optimizations and new utilities.

More and more contributions from the TM1py community

TM1py v1.10 is the largest release in terms of lines of code and contributors in the past few years. 13 people contributed to this release, of which 9 contributed for the first time.

Check out all contributors on GitHub.

Performance improvements on all major TM1 I/O functions.

By leveraging the latest enhancements in the TM1 REST API and optimizing the python code, read and write functions are now generally faster:

Support for git integration

TM1py makes it easier to work with TM1’s native git integration.

Version 1.10 supports the TM1Project and deployment definitions. This makes it much easier to use TM1’s built-in git features.

You can now define tasks, inclusions, and exclusions on a project or deployment level the Python functions instead of raw REST API calls.

New functions to manage elements and hierarchies

Version 1.10 includes many new functions and more efficient ways to query/control elements and hierarchies.

New functions to make your life easier

Heaps of miscellaneous features, optimizations and improvements have been added that make your life easier when doing TM1 with Python.

For instance, functions were added to search for perform case insensitive string searches through all processes and rules:

The full list of enhancements can be found in GitHub:


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