Nov 0, 2019

    Tips – Gaining a competitive advantage with customer reporting, courtesy of TM1

    Veolia replaced a sustainability cloud solution that provided reports to their customers with TM1 as the database, while using Canvas as the web interface.

    Maurice Cohen, from Veolia, played a big part on the successful TM1/Canvas implementation, which he presented at our conference. Maurice shares his insight on the project with Jason Tranfield in this video interview.

    Key takeaways:

    • TM1 provided greater flexibility and control with information Veolia could provide to their customers
    • Security was also extremely important. Any potential external threats needed to be mitigated to the sensitive data. Veolia went through penetration testing and implemented multi-factor authentication to ensure the model couldn’t be hacked
    • Since the project’s implementation, the adoption rate for the Customer Reporting system has increased to 200 active users

    Recorded at the Cubewise EDU TM1 and Planning Analytics User Conference in Sydney 2019.

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