Dec 1, 2015

    The power of Pulse with your existing migration process

    Since Manny was a boy the TM1 world has had two methods for migrating changes from one environment to another:

    1. Manually making the changes (i.e. creating objects, copying rules / processes, etc.) using Architect/Perspectives (hot promote).
    2. Stopping the TM1 service and copying the TM1 files into the data directory (cold promote).

    Pulse now supports both of these methods but has significantly enhanced them by taking out the guess work and adding enterprise grade governance. Version 5.2 of Pulse has added Offline updates (cold promote) to the existing Live update migration (hot promote).

    Offline packages created by Pulse use all of the existing features of Pulse to create a package that contains everything you need to include in the target data directory:

    1. Change tracking allows you to quickly understand what has been changed in you development environment so you don’t miss any changes.
    2. The dependency engine adds any objects required by the items you have included, such as: picklist cubes, drill cubes, security, etc.

    With the inclusion of cold promotion we believe Pulse can quickly and seamlessly integrate into your existing migration processes and also give you the peace of mind that important changes won’t be missed.

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