Feb 2, 2021

    Storing the Pulse Elasticsearch data into another drive

    Pulse is constantly tracking TM1 instances and it stores the data into two databases:

    • The default h2 database (or MSQL server if configured) stores all the configuration and high-level data such as user sessions, Excel and TM1 web logging…
    • The Pulse cluster stores data at a very detailed level that can then be retrieved with Pulse Kibana.

    More information about Pulse Architecture can be found here.

    You can check the health and the size of the two databases in the Pulse About page as below:

    The size of the Pulse folder can be set to a maximum value using the MaximumPulseDiskSpaceGB as explained in the following article:

    As the size of the Pulse cluster can grow quickly, you could choose to store this data into a different drive than the one where Pulse is installed.

    For Example, if Pulse is installed on the C drive, the default location of the Pulse cluster would be C:Program FilesPulse for TM1db_explorer.

    This path can be changed from the Pulse Elasticsearch config file (Pulse for TM1confelasticelasticsearch.yml) as below:

    To change this path you will need to follow these steps:

    1. Stop Pulse services
    2. Move the _explorer folder to a new path (for example E:Pulse datadb_explorer)
    3. Open the Pulse Elasticsearch config file: Pulse for TM1confelasticelasticsearch.yml
    4. Update the path.data parameter
    5. Start Pulse Services

    Once the Pulse Services are running, Pulse will start sending the Pulse Elasticsearch data into the new path.

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