Jun 4, 2021

Slice beta v2.3 is now available

A new version of Slice is now available for download. This new version includes 35 enhancements and fixes coming from the Slice Beta program. In case you are interested in participating in the beta program and test Slice in your environment, please reach out to us using the link below.

Below a brief description of some of the fixes and improvements that are included in this build.

Optimized Performance

Utilizing a combination of batched requests and the TM1 REST API demonstrate good response times on distributed environments.

Improved Perspectives Compatibility

Formulas in Slice have undergone some rework in order to provide better compatibility with existing Perspectives based reports.

Consistent Dialog Appearance

Dialogs in Slice have been reworked to give a consistent appearance to the end user. In addition, when changing settings, such as the connection properties, you won’t be required to restart Microsoft Excel:

Pulse Integration

When configured, Slice activity is now available under the User Analytics section within Pulse:

Target Selection For Export

When exporting a view, you now have the ability to select the target workbook. This can either be an existing open workbook or a new one. Slice will add a new worksheet to the target workbook for the export:

Copy Action Buttons

Existing Action Buttons can be copied. All properties of the original Action Button will be preserved:

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