Jan 2, 2020

Setting up Pulse in DEBUG mode

This article explains the steps to to setup Pulse in DEBUG mode. The steps are slightly different either you are on Pulse v5 or Pulse v6.

Step1 (Pulse v5 & v6): Enable root logger

In the Pulse installation directory open the Pulse for TM1webappsROOTWEB-INFclasseslog4j.properties file

Change the log4j.rootLogger value from INFO to DEBUG

Step 2 (Pulse v6): Enable monitor logger

To set the Pulse Monitor to debug mode in Pulse v6. Go to the server where the Pulse Monitor is installed and open the file <pulse directory>confmonitor.yml file and set loglevel to DEBUG. Finally, restart the Pulse Monitor service.

Step 2 (Pulse v5): Enable monitor logger

To update the monitor logger in Pulse v5, you need to open the file Pulse for TM1serverpulsesd.config and update minlevel to DEBUG line 22:

Step 3 (Pulse v5): Enable runner logger

To update the runner logger you need to open the Pulse for TM1serverrunner.exe.config and update minlevel to DEBUG line 22:

Step 4 (Pulse v5 & v6): Restart Pulse for TM1 Application Server

Now restart the Pulse Application Server windows service for the change to take effect

Step5 (Pulse v5 & v6): Disable logger

Once your tests done, remember to reset the property changed in Step1 back to INFO and restart the Pulse services for it to take effect.

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