Apr 2, 2019

    Setting up Canvas logging to Pulse

    Setting up Canvas logging to Pulse is quite straightforward. All the configuration happens on the Canvas side.

    Step 1: Open the Canvas admin page of your application by going to the following URL:


    Step 2: Enter your Canvas admin credentials

    Step 3: Enter Pulse URL in the Log Visits To Pulse Address, tick Log Visits To File and finally click the Save button.

    In the example above, Canvas will send the data to Pulse in the server cw007

    Step 4: Check in Pulse Canvas Open page

    Now in the Pulse > User Analytics > Canvas Open page, you will see all pages currently open by your users.

    When the Logs Visits To File is ticked, Canvas will start populating the following file with the user activity, you will see the page URL, the filters and who opened the page:

    You will have to repeat these steps for each Canvas application you want to track.

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