Nov 5, 2017

Set up your development environment

To use TM1py samples, you do not have to have a development environment, you can just edit the script in a text editor or in jupyter and then run the script. But if you want to dig deeper into the Python language, having a development environment will make your life easier.

Why do you need a development environment?

  • If you want to explore the TM1py code.
  • See the TM1py scripts in multiple windows.
  • Edit and run your scripts in the same interface.
  • Code-completion and syntax highlightning.


PyCharm is likely the best IDE for Python. It offers intelligent code completion, on-the-fly error checking and heaps of other features. It allows you to save time and be more productive. IntelliJ offers a free Community Edition of PyCharm:

Once downloaded and installed with the default settings, you just need to locate the folder where you have downloaded the TM1py samples:

You are now good to go!

The following video will give you a quick tour to the PyCharm main features:

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