Mar 3, 2021

    Set the maximum minutes of data cached in the browser

    By default Pulse keeps 15 min of history in the browser to enable the playback feature from the Live Monitor page.

    If the TM1 instance is generating many TM1 sessions (> 1000), keeping in cache all this information second by second for 15 min will require a lot of CPU for Pulse.

    To reduce the number of minutes Pulse keeps in the browser’s cache, you can update the Log Interval (min) setting from the Configuration page (Once updated, click the save button):

    If you cannot reach the Pulse Configuration page, you can update this parameter through the Pulse.cfg file instead:

    1. Stop Pulse Application Server service

    2. Open conf/Pulse.cfg file

    3. Change the value of the LogInterval

    4. Start Pulse Application Server service

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