Mar 3, 2019

    Sending TM1 REST API calls directly into TM1

    A new API has been added that will allow a consultant or developer to send REST API calls directly into TM1 while leveraging on Canvas session handling. These REST API calls can be called through /api/rest

    The allowedRestPaths property has been added into the settings.json file which will contain the API calls allowed to pass through.

    An example entry would be:


    The path property is a Regex string that be matched against calls made into the /api/rest/<instance> calls.

    And to get the configuration from TM1, your HTTP Request would be:

    GET /api/rest/<instance>/Configuration

    This API works by whitelisting TM1 API calls that you will use. Place into the list only those APIs that you will use. <instance> refers to the name as define in the instances.json file.

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