Apr 4, 2017

Schedule jobs to send PDF reports

With Canvas v1.2, you can now print your Canvas page into a PDF report and schedule a job to send it by email at a specific day or time. This article describes the steps how to create a job scheduler.

Set up SMTP configuration

Canvas allows you to send email alerts, to do this it needs to access an SMTP server. For most corporate networks the SMTP server will accept any email send requests from servers in the same network.

To update the SMTP configuration go to the setings page in the Admin section, you can find below the settings of an office 365 account:

For more information about SMTP configurations, you can check the following Help article: Email settings.

Go to Reports Manager

To create a job, you have to open Reports Manager.

  • http://localhost:8080/<application name>/admin#/reports-manager

You will see first the job list, click the + button to create a new job:

Create a new Job

First you need to enter the Job details such as Name, Subset, Recipients and the Email Body:

To add more recipients, just separate their email addresses with “,”:

Schedule the job

Click on the icon to pop up the Scheduler Helper. There are different options to choose from for scheduling your job such as every month, week, day, etc.:

Click the Check Schedule button to see the next runs. Finally click Apply Schedule.

Do not forget to add the name, the name will be shown in the job list.


Attachments are the URL path to the Canvas pages, Canvas uses the URL to create PDF reports. If you want to send the report with the filter England, you have to make sure that the filter is in the URL, if not it will always print the report with the default filters. To learn how to dynamically update the URL, you can check the following help article : Update the URL before printing.

Do not forget to add the credentials to login to the TM1 instances (instance name, user name and Password).

Click the save button to make sure your new job is set up correctly. You can test your job by clicking Execute button:

If you go back to the job list, you should now see your new job:

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