Jun 5, 2016

    Show all History of a TM1 object and the Rollback feature

    Pulse keeps a history of all changes that have been done on all TM1 objects. Pulse keeps track on files changes but not data changes.

    You can access the list of all changes by selecting a TM1 instance in the Change Tracking menu:

    By clicking on a TM1 object, you will see all last changes that have been made. Pulse will compare the current and the previous version of the TM1 object.

    You can access to the list of all changes of a TM1 object by clicking on the History:

    You’ll see the list of all the changes from the beginning of the History of a TM1 object:

    If you click on one of the changes, you’ll see in red what has been deleted and in green what has been added:

    Pulse does more than just showing all the history of the changes. It enables you to rollback to any point of time.

    If you click on the Rollback button, Pulse will override your TM1 object by the version of the TM1 object how it was at the time the change has been made.

    Moreover Pulse does not need to restart your TM1 instance, it will make the changes while your TM1 instance is still running.

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