Apr 2, 2022

Pulse v6.1 is now available

A new release of Pulse v6 is now available. In addition to being able to monitor IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) SaaS instances, Pulse can now be installed on Linux and monitor TM1 instances running on a Linux server.

Support for Linux

Pulse can be installed on a Linux server (the recommended version is RedHat Enterprise v8.4). A Linux version of the Pulse Monitor is also available which needs to be installed on each TM1 server.

Pulse Elasticsearch Optimizations

Optimizations have been added to better manage the data stored in Pulse Elasticsearch. Starting with v6.1, Pulse is going to store only the most relevant data to reduce the disk space and memory footprint on the server.

On top of that, the Pulse Explorer internal mechanism now integrates a set of routines that will be frequently monitoring the usage of the disk space together with the settings in the Pulse.cfg to ensure that only the most relevant data is stored in Pulse Elasticsearch.

Quickly download Pulse logs

A new button has been added to make it easier to gather the Pulse logs. On the About page, just click the Download Pulse Logs button and it will create a zip file with the Pulse logs and the Pulse.cfg:

and much more…

A complete list of all enhancements and fixes can be found in the Pulse v6.1 Release Notes (v6.1.0.md).


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