Sep 3, 2023

Pulse v6.3 is now available

Pulse v6.3 includes many new features such as a new homepage, live migration of subsets, documentation update from your code, approval feature for the migration and many more fixes…

Quickly see an overview of your environments and instances

A new homepage has been added to see an overview of all your environments and all your instances in a single page. This new Overview page includes several visual indicators to quickly see the health of your environment.

Populating automatically Pulse documentation fields

The description fields for processes and cubes that you can find in the Pulse Model Spotlight feature are now populated automatically from your processes and rules.

Pulse is going to grab all comments between #Region @Doc and #EndRegion @Doc each time the documentation is executed.

Embrace peer-review with your developers

The migration feature now includes an approval feature (off by default). When the feature is turned on (EnableApprovalBeforeExecute = true).

Once it is enabled, a migration package will have to be approved by someone else, before it can be executed into a target instance.

The main benefit is that any changes migrated to production will be reviewed by at least two persons of your team.

Live migration of subsets

Live migration of subsets is now available. When creating a new package, if you select the option Include Subsets, all subsets will be included in the package. When executing the package, Pulse will create the subsets in the target server.

and much more…

A complete list of all enhancements and fixes can be found in the Pulse v6.3 Release Notes (


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