Feb 5, 2023

Pulse v6.2 is now available

Pulse v6.2 comes with many optimizations in the logic to determine the status of the TM1 instances. The main new feature is the connection with Arc.

Starting with Arc v4.0, One Arc server can be connected to one Pulse server making Pulse features (such as the search model and change tracking) available inside Arc.

More information regarding the Arc and Pulse integration will come with the release of Arc v4.0 in the coming days.

One of the benefits of connecting Arc to Pulse is being able to track objects usage. You will be able to know when someone open a process, a cube view or a subset. To visualize this data a new Pulse Explorer dashboard has been added:

and much more…

A complete list of all enhancements and fixes can be found in the Pulse v6.2 Release Notes (v6.2.0.md).


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