Jun 3, 2021

Pulse v5 end of support June 2022

Pulse v5 will be supported until June, 30th 2022, which means we will be providing new releases and fixes until that date.

The focus of our development is on Pulse 6 which has been rewritten to take advantage of the REST API and has a central server architecture.

If your IBM Planning Analytics version is v2.0.8 or later, we recommend you to upgrade to the latest Pulse v6:

Upgrading from Pulse v5 to Pulse v6

Everything that you should know before upgrading to Pulse v6 is available in the following help article:

What’s new in Pulse v6

Pulse v6 release is the most important release of Pulse since its creation in 2014. Pulse was optimized for the TM1 REST API, enabling one single application server to monitor many TM1 servers.

This version includes new features such as the Pulse Explorer (bringing a new way to visualize what is happening across all your TM1 instances second per second) and support for the IBM Cloud.


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