Sep 4, 2021

Monitor. Understand. Migrate. TM1.

Do you know what is happening on your IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) applications? Do you understand why it happened? How do you migrate changes to production while reducing server downtime? Pulse can help you with all of this…

Pulse is the application lifecycle management software for TM1. Pulse helps you to stay on top of what is happening, understand what happened, and migrate faster all your TM1 objects in confidence.

Optimized to fit any architecture

Thanks to the power of the TM1 REST API, Pulse can connect to many TM1 instances from any platform (on-premise, on the IBM Cloud or any other cloud vendors).

Monitor all TM1 instances with one application

One Pulse application server can connect and monitor many TM1 services making it easier to migrate objects between servers, keep an eye on all your TM1 services on one screen, explore the full history of what happened across all servers, and more…

Keep all history, second by second

Pulse tracks all events (user sessions, process history, changes…) and stores this information second by second. These can then be easily analyzed thanks to the Pulse Explorer:

Better understand TM1 usage

With Pulse, you will know who is using your application, when they used it, what they did and how they use it. For example, quickly see who is using TM1 Web:

Troubleshoot errors faster across all servers

Pulse Explorer includes a dashboard aggregating all errors across all servers. With a quick look, you will be able to see where the errors are coming from and what triggered them.

Understand memory growth

There are many reasons that can increase the memory of your TM1 application. It could be a new cube, a new rule, a new dimension or a new hierarchy to name a few. Pulse comes with many reports that can help you to find out what could be the reason for this memory growth.

Know all possible impacts

Before making a change in a rule, adding new elements to a dimension or running a process, knowing the impact of these changes will help you to avoid bad surprises. Pulse has many features that can help you such as the Flow Diagram (giving you in real-time all relationships for a specific object):

Transparency of changes

All changes to a rule, a process, a dimension or a cube is tracked by Pulse. You will be able to know who changes what and when the change happened. A history page per TM1 object gives you the list of all changes since the creation of the object.

See all changes per developer

Pulse enables you to apply Version Control best practices to your IBM Planning analytics developers. When migrating objects between servers, you can select one developer and see all the changes that were performed by this developer between two dates.

Rollback changes quickly

Use the rollback feature to retrieve a previous version of a dimension, a process or a rule file.

Improve testing procedures

Make sure that reports have been properly tested before migrating them into production. Pulse tracks all Excel workbooks containing TM1 formulas and gathers all the stats on one page.

More about Pulse for TM1

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