Jan 2, 2022

Pulse Live Monitor

The Live Monitor gives you lots of information about the TM1 instance you pick


In the Monitor, you can see some key KPIs about the instance (CPI, Memory, Users and Wait time):

Session Monitor

Below you will see the list of sessions:

There might be lots of sessions, you can click the Hide Idle button to only show the active sessions (Sessions running something):

There are more options to filter the system or Pulse threads and also to show/hide columns:

In the last column:

  • See the detail about the session

  • Cancel a thread

  • Disconnect the session

Message Log

Below the session, you will find the TM1 message logs:

Pulse enables you to filter the list by error type such as showing only the ERROR:


Let’s have a look at the Model Spotlight to learn more about the objects.

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