Jan 3, 2022

Pulse Dashboard Editor

The Dashboard Editor enables you to edit the default Pulse dashboard. For example, you could change the KPIs at the top or show all TM1 instances instead of just the one from the selected server.

How to access it?

To access the Dashboard Editor, go to Administration > Dashboard Editor:

Creating a new dashboard

To create a new dashboard, just click the Save As button from the top right corner.

Once you make a change, just click the Save button.

To switch between dashboards, you need to use the dropdown from the top left:

Add a component

To add a component, you can click the + button then select the component type and select the target server:

Update the layout

To update the layout such as add/delete/merge columns and rows, click the button as below:

Update a component

To update a component, you can click the Edit button as below and you will be able to change the type and the selected server. You can use the arrows to move the component inside the panel:

Change the default dashboard

Once you have saved your changes to your new dashboard. In the Servers page, you can change the dashboard that Pulse is going to display:

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