May 2, 2023

PowerConnect – Setting Passwords

PowerConnect uses the Windows Credential store to maintain the passwords for the administrator users connecting to IBM Planning Analytics.

In Microsoft Power BI Desktop impersonation is used to enforce the users’ IBM Planning Analytics security after initially establishing the connection with an administrator user. This administrator user can be configured for each individual connection.

Admin Portal

The PowerConnect Admin Portal allows the maintenance of these passwords. To a username Admin Portal, open a browser and open the following URL:

In case usessl is set to false in the conf\settings.yml file:

In case usessl is set to true in the conf\settings.yml file:

The default user name is “admin”, the password is “connect”.

Accessing Connections

Once logged in, you will be prompted with a list of environments. To see the connections configured, click on the expand symbol next to the environment.

Setting a Connection Password

The username for this connection is set in the conf\settings.yml file and can be changed by modifying the configuration file. After entering the password, the “Save” button will become enabled. The password can now be saved.

Changing a Connection Password

Once a password has been defined for a connection, an “Edit” button will be visible.
This allows the administrator to change the password for this connection.

Deleting a Connection Password

In case a connection is no longer needed, the password can be removed from the Windows Credential store. To do so, click on the “Delete” button.

The “Info” button displays details about the current configuration of this connection as specified in the conf\settings.yml file.

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