Jan 1, 2021

New to TM1… the power of search

IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) has been successful all over the years thanks to its very powerful and flexible calculation engine.

Over the past years, Elasticsearch became the standards to analyze logs among applications.

Pulse 6 brings together, TM1 a fast calculation engine with Elasticsearch, a really fast search engine.

Pulse 6 comes by default with the open-source version of Elasticsearch.

Lightning-fast search

Pulse constantly tracks all your TM1 instances and send all the data second by second to Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch is built to handle billions of records.

Powerful analytics that scale with speed

This data can then be easily retrieved and visualized by the Pulse Explorer.

Detailed data second by second.

The Pulse Explorer brings greater granularity. Data from all your server can be retrieved second by second

Find an answer quickly to a specific question

Pulse comes with 9 pre-built dashboards to help you find answers to common questions:

  • Are all servers and services running?

  • Who is using the application between two dates

  • How are they accessing the application (Workspace, TM1 Web, Architect)?

  • What my users are doing?

A picture worths a thousand words

The Pulse Explorer will give shape to your data. It’s going to build visualization for you.

From all the data, Pulse Explorer makes it easy to build visualizations.

Build dashboard

Your visualizations can then be gathered into dashboards.

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