Dec 5, 2015

    Migrating Documentation Between TM1 Instances

    Pulse enables you to not only migrate TM1 objects but also the documentation you have entered into Pulse to describe these objects. This allows you to document your system in one place, i.e. development, and then as you add these objects to your test and production environments the documentation is also updated.

    By default the documentation is moved across as part of all of the migration package options. You can also just migrate the documentation if you have objects that already exist on multiple instances and you want to copy the documentation.

    To do this follow the steps below:

    1. Login into Pulse. 
    2. Go to Migration > Create Package
    3. Select Documentation Only as the source and the TM1 instance. 
    4. Click Next to see a list of documentation for every TM1 object. 
    5. Remove any items you do not what to update and click Next
    6. Now Save the package adding a name and description


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