Sep 2, 2018

Managing sessions timeout in Arc

There are two types of session timeouts in Arc:

  • IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) timeout

  • Arc session timeout.

TM1 session timeout

To manage sessions timeout, Arc uses the HTTPSessionTimeoutMinutes parameter of the tm1s.cfg. This parameter sets the timeout authentication of TM1 REST API queries.

This parameter is defined for each TM1 server. The default value is 20 min.

To increase the timeout to 40 min for a specific instance, open the tm1s.cfg and add the new parameter HTTPSessionTimeoutMinutes=40. A server restart is not necessary because this parameter is dynamic.

Arc session timeout

There is a parameter in the Arc settings file (settings.yml) to manage the timeout in Arc, go to the Arc folder and open the settings.yml and you will find the settings below:

# The number of minutes a sessions will timeout when idle sessiontimeout: 20

Then restart Arc after updating this value.

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