Jul 3, 2016

    Integrating TM1 Web into Canvas

    Canvas for TM1 gives you the tools to quickly create a modern front end in HTML. We know a lot of effort has gone into building Excel reports and templates that can be published to TM1 Web so we have added support for including it in your Canvas application. 

    Canvas uses the TM1 URL API to connect to TM1 Web, which means you can include any reports/templates published to your Applications folders. This includes TM1 Web sheets and any public cube views. It is important to point out that the experience will just be the same as though you had opened it in TM1 Web.

    Canvas for TM1 gives you all the features of TM1 Web offered through TM1 URL API such as Data Spreading and Sandbox.

    Leverage Canvas for TM1 to harness the power of TM1 Web and more. Show multiple TM1 Web components in the same web page! Show and interact with a cube view and a web sheet side by side.

    Even better, you can link these TM1 Web components easily through Canvas for TM1.

    For example, if you have a Year dimension defined in the titles of both components, you can simply update the display for both view and sheet through Canvas for TM1.

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