May 2, 2019

Installing TM1py

This article explains the steps to install TM1py. Installing TM1py will take you just few minutes.


  • TM1 (10.2.2 Fix Pack 5 or higher)

Checking if Python is installed

TM1py is a Python package, in order to use TM1py you need to install Python. First, we need to check if you have python installed. Open the command-line and type:

  • python –version.

To open the command-line, press the windows button on the keyboard. Then type ‘cmd’. Then press enter.

If you are getting the message above, it means that Python is not installed. If Python is already installed you can just use pip install TM1py to install the TM1py package.

Installing Python

Python (v3.7 or higher) is available to download for free on the website:

Once downloaded, just run the installer and install Python on the server.

Installing TM1py

To install TM1py, just open a command prompt and then you can execute:

To install TM1py without pandas:

  • pip install tm1py

To install TM1py with pandas

  • pip install “tm1py[pandas]”

Check connectivity with your TM1 instance

Once TM1py installed, you need to check the connectivity with your IBM TM1 or Planning Analytics instances, to do that just follow the steps described in the following article:

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