Jan 5, 2019

    7 simple steps to install Python & TM1py without internet

    1. Download Python from https://www.python.org/downloads/

    2. Install Python in the target environment and in a secondary environment where access to the internet is available (e.g., on your desktop). The same Python version must be installed in both environments.

    3. In the secondary environment install tm1py with pip: C:Python310scriptspip install tm1py[pandas]

    4. In the secondary environment create a snapshot of your installed packages with pip: C:Python310scriptspip freeze > C:/temp/offline_install/requirements.txt

    5. In the secondary environment download the tm1py packages and its dependencies as files with pip: pip download tm1py[pandas]

    6. Now move the requirements.txt and the package files to the target environment

    7. On the target environment install the packages with pip: C:Python310scriptspip install --no-index --find-links C:/temp/offline_install/ -r requirements.txt

    It will return the path where Python is installed.

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