Nov 3, 2015

    Installing Pulse

    Follow these steps to install a new version of Pulse, when upgrading from an existing installation you should install Pulse in the same location.

    The database files and configuration are not removed when Pulse is uninstalled.

    1. Run Setup.exe as Administrator:

    2. Click Next on the Welcome page:

    3. Accept the License Agreement: 

    4. Select Client, Server or both. You should install both the client and server components on your TM1 server: 

    5. Select the install location for Pulse, all content, data, logs, etc is stored in this location. If you have limited space on your C drive this can be moved to another location. When upgrading from a previous version of Pulse ensure you install the new version in the same location as the previous install. 

    6. Enter the menu location for shortcuts and click Install (the installer will now install the components): 

    7. Click Next on the Complete screen: 

    8. Click on Finish to start the Pulse services and complete the installation:

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