Nov 2, 2017

Set up jupyter notebook

Jupyter is an open-source web application that enables you to mix code-execution and comments. It is great to tell a story and run through the code sections by sections.

The main difference with pycharm is that jupyter allows you to execute your python scripts sections by sections.

Why you should use it:

  • Jupyter notebook is a web app, that allows us to write code in a more narrative, interactive way.

  • You can share notebooks through mails or host them at a shared platform.

  • Jupyter Notebooks are a great, new way to tell a story with your TM1 Data.

Download Jupyter

Run jupyter notebook

Run in a command line:

  • jupyter notebook

Jupyter is running by default on the 8888 port. To access the notebook, go to the following url:

  • http://localhost:8888

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