Aug 2, 2016

How to create the license optimisation report

Pulse has specially designed report that gives you a summary of how the system is used by different types of users. This report gives you a full picture over any time-frame of how well utilized your licenses are. Users are categorized into Admin, Write and Read-Only roles and their usage mapped according to the amount of time they spend in the system and what they are doing. 
Use this information to determine whether you require more licenses or allow the reallocation of licenses for users who do not use the system.

In order to run the optimization report, you have to open the Pulse Thick Client:

Click on Tools then User Login:

Enter User Name and Password of an admin account:

Go to Tools then License Optimisation:

Select a time frame and then click the refresh button in order to see the report:

Click the Export button to export the report as PDF or Word document:

How Pulse determine which users is Read-Only or NOT:

Each time Pulse updates the documentation it will check first in TM1 if a user has ReadOnlyUser value equal to 1 (}ClientProperties cube) then User is set to Read-Only else Pulse will loop through user/group/cube security, if there is anything that isn’t read its sets Read-Only to False.

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