May 3, 2023

    Hiding User Names in Pulse Web Client

    From the Pulse Web Client, you can see all IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) sessions. There are multiple screens where you can see who is using your application. For example, there is a column called User in the Session Monitor and Message Log from the Live Monitor:

    If for some Pulse users are not allowed to see who is using the application. You can hide this column for a specific group of Pulse users.

    To do that, go to Administration > Groups and you will see the security access called View User Names:

    To hide all columns with the user name information, you can untick this security access for this group.

    The next time, the Pulse users which belong to this group will log in then they won’t be able to see this column.

    Once this security access is removed, the following screens will be impacted:

    • Packages
    • Notifications
    • Chore Process History

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