Oct 1, 2016

    Google for your TM1 model

    Pulse is your friend. If there is something you’d like to know about your TM1 application such as, how a cube is updated, where an attribute is used or where a specific string is referenced, just ask Pulse.

    For example if you want to know all TM1 processes which update the “General Ledger” cube, just type “General ledger” in the search bar:

    and you will see the list of all TM1 objects which contain the string “General Ledger” in the code:

    If you want to know which TM1 process updates a specific attribute or hierarchy. Just type the hierarchy name in the search bar, click the search button and Pulse will tell you which line of the TM1 process contains this hierarchy or attribute:  

    Having current information about your TM1 application will bring you more confidence to change your application knowing all possible impacts.

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