Dec 4, 2018

Getting started with Arc Server on Linux


Some features will work with TM1 10.2.2 but a number of important APIs are only present in TM1 11+, for this reason we can’t help you if you are on TM1 10.2.2 or earlier.

Where to install Arc

Arc should be installed on the same server that TM1 is running, this allows Arc to access both the ODBC data sources and text files on the TM1 server.

This article explains the steps to getting started with Arc on Mac.

Download Arc for Linux

  1. Go to

  2. Download the correct Arc version, in this example we copy the download link for the Linux 64 bits:

Starting Arc

  1. You can use the the wget command to download.

  2. Unzip the folder

  3. Assign executable permissions  to arc using the command: chmod +x arc

  4. To execute Arc, use the command ./arc.

After this, arc should accessible through the port https://servername:7070

Trialling or Buying Arc

If this is the first time, Arc starts on your laptop, you will then need to validate your license by either trialling or Buying Arc:

Connect to TM1 instances

Arc uses the TM1 REST API to connect to IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics instances, therefore it can connect to any instances assuming the TM1 REST API is enabled for this instance and the httpPortNumber is open on the server.

To access all TM1 instances on a specific server, you will need to update the adminhost parameter in the settings.yml file:

To connect to an instance on the IBM Could, follow the instructions in this article:

If Arc can’t connect to your TM1 instances:

  1. Check first that you can access the TM1 REST API using your browser.

  2. Double-check your credentials (CAM Namespace is case sensitive).

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