Aug 2, 2017

Find the biggest impact on your budget in an instant

Finding which cost center, product or project has the biggest impact on your budget can be time consuming if you have to drill down to the lowest level of a large dimension.

Have you already thought about using Treemaps?

Crossing two types of data will speed-up your analysis, for example while you analyse the % of margin, the Treemap can help you to analyse the impact as well. A product could have a high % of a margin but a low impact or a low margin but high impact.

Why you should use it?

A Treemap is a great way to display hierarchical data. It simultaneously shows the big picture, comparisons of related items, and allows easy navigation.

In a Treemap, you analyse two types of data with one visualization. A quantity measure such as revenue which will determine the size of the boxes and a measure of performance such as % revenue compared to last year which will be represented by the colors.

Dynamic Treemap with Canvas

The Treemap in Canvas is dynamic, you can navigate intuitively through the hierarchy, starting from the top consolidation and then drilling down quickly to the lowest levels:

Customize it the way you like

With Canvas, you are not limited, you can customize colors, fonts of the Treemap the way you like:


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