Jan 3, 2021

Exporting changes by users to CSV file

Pulse will log all of the changes whether they are through a migration package or manually. This information can be easily retrieved from the Pulse web client (go to Change Tracking > Change History and then choose the instance):

See all changes by type

The list can be filtered by objects type such as showing processes only:

See all changes per developer

To see all changes made by a developer, you need to create a migration package, choose Source Control and then pick two dates and select the author:

Exporting all changes in a CSV file

All the changes are stored by Pulse in the Pulse for TM1vcsgit folder. There are many commands that can help you to export this data.

Prerequisites: GIT needs to be installed on the server.

Open GIT CMD as an administrator:

Navigate to the GIT folder for the TM1 instance you are interested in. For example, if you want to see changes for the CXMD instance:

  • cd C:Program FilesPulse for TM1vcsgitcxmd

The command to see all the information from the GIT folder is git log. to see the full list of format options just type git help log, press enter and the following page will open:

As you can see in the documentation, GIT gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of format options. For example, if you want to see all changes per time (%h), author name (%an), author date (%ad), and the subject (%s):

  • git log –pretty=format:’%h;%an;%ad;%s’

To export the information to a CSV file just add > pathfile.csv

  • git log –pretty=format:’%h;%an;%ad;%s’ > log.csv

Other examples:

Get all changes for user USER1:

  • git log –pretty=format:’%h;%an;%ad;%s’ –ae=’USER1′

Get all changes last month:

  • git log –pretty=format:’%h;%an;%ad;%s’ —since=’1month’

Shows what changed (-p) in the last 2 objects (-2):

  • git log -p -2

More information about how to use the git log command can be found in the following article:

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