Sep 4, 2016

    Drill-Through is now available in the TM1 REST API

    One of the best features of TM1 is its ability to drill through a third-party database (e.g. Oracle Financials, SQL and MS Dynamics) from TM1 cubes, TM1 web sheets or MS Excel workbooks. With TM1, you do not to need to know SQL to access data from these databases. From TM1 you can simply on a cell where the drill is set up and drill either to another cube or to an external database.

    TM1 10.2.2 FP6 for the first time makes the drill through available in the TM1 REST API. This is the last main feature which was missing in the TM1 REST API.

    If the drill is set up in TM1, it will natively appear in Canvas at the cell intersection where the drill through is configured: 

    Once you click drill, depending on how the drill is set up in TM1, you’ll see either a cube view:

    Or the details from the database:

    Since the first release of the TM1 REST API in v10.2, IBM kept adding fixes and new features in every fix packs. With FP6 the TM1 REST API is now very robust and includes all TM1 functionalities.

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