Apr 3, 2017

    Define a TM1 instance in Canvas

    With the REST API, a TM1 instance is not defined by its servername but it is defined by its HTTPPortNumber in tm1s.cfg, you can check the blog on how to enable REST API.

    TM1 instances in a Canvas application are defined in the instances.json file. You can find this file in the following folder: C:CWASwebapps<application name>WEB-INF file. For example, if you want to define a new TM1 instance for the ROOT application, you will find the instances.json in C:CWASwebappsROOTWEB-INF :

    • name: name of the TM1 instance in Canvas, it does not have to be the same as servername
    • restURI: http://<TM1 computer name>:<httpportnumber>
    • tm1webUri: http://<TM1 Web computer name>:9510/tm1web
    • applyParenthsesisFormatting: format number
    • ChartColorScheme: color coding

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