Jun 5, 2017

    Deep dive into an application folder

    All application folders are stored in the CWAS/webapps folder, by default you have only two applications ROOT and samples. In this article we are going to describe the folders inside the ROOT folder.

    • admin:
    • api:
    • assets: Contains Canvas assets
    • css: Contains all CSS files.
    • help:
    • html: Contains all HTML files.
    • images: Contains all images.
    • js: Contains all controllers.
    • lang
    • menu: Contains the files which define the structure of the left pane menu.
    • META-INF:
    • WEB-INF: Contains instances.json file to configure connection with TM1.

    The folders highlighted in red are the folders which are overwritten during Canvas upgrade. For a smooth upgrade you should put your files outside these folders as much as possible.

    The folders highlighted in blue are the main folders that you will update when building your application.

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