Jun 4, 2017

    CWAS folder

    By default the Cubewise Application Server will be installed in the following folder C:CWAS

    • backups: Contains backups of the webapps folders created by the installer.
    • bin: Contains the Cubewise Application Server startup.
    • canvas_base: It is a blank application folder that you can use to create a new Canvas application.
    • conf: Contains the license file (Canavs.xml) and server.xml to update the port number.
    • db: Contains the SQL Lite database and the TM1 instance required for the samples.
    • jre:
    • lib: Contains library used by Cubewise Application Server.
    • logs: Contains the application logs.
    • temp: Contains temporary files.
    • webapps: Contains all Canvas application, by default ROOT and samples.
    • work:

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